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Cyber House Rules [entries|friends|calendar]
Cyber House Rules

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Ending Chapter [January 28, 2006 @ 18:25]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Thus ending the CyberHouse.

It's been a crazy-tastic year and a half-ish.

Here's hopin' to happy endings, and blissful beginings. ;D

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Me cursed and burned squirrel meat [September 28, 2005 @ 21:40]
[ mood | stressed ]

Yeah....I did it AGAIN.

Last night, I did two laundry cycle right after Nissa did like....three of hers.
And I smelled something burning, I run downstairs. I was all alone that night because my roommates are out to BD dinner for Nina (happy BD Nina!).

There you see, the first floor FULL OF SMOKE.

I was like....FU*K!! Did I do that AGAIN?

Well, taking about AGAIN, I have tendency to burn and explode something.
It started when I was in Japanese elementaly school.
In the chemistry lab, I exploded....like three beakers.
My teacher was...."what a....?! How coud she EXPLODE something in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHEMISTRY LAB?!"

See, fire hates me.
My entire clan is like....water side and earthy side...
We never had anything good with fire....damn it.

Well, I went into the laundry room which the smoke coming out.
And it was just smoke, I couldn't see anything.
I causiously open the dryer door and it was dead....
My clothes stinks like hell.

I was looking at it so helplessly and that is when my roommates came home conviniently.

We were first saying that maybe squirrel stuck inside and clogs, but we concluded that all of those dryer drying out clothes is just hallucination and maybe ALEX (our Ghost) has been washing/drying our clothes all year long and he/she finally SNAPPED.

Oh, well, a new one will come tomorrow morning.
Let's see how it works.

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[September 14, 2005 @ 19:09]

[ mood | crazy ]

There are two kittens trying to beat the shit out of each other in my room right now. Yani had to elave for her visit home early, so I get to spend an extra two days with both Kyra and Sappho cooped up in my room. I don't want to send Sappho off for the weekend, but it's either suck it up and risk throwing heavy objects at both of them, or send her off and possibly get some sleep at night.


And Yani's cat is being a dipwad and eating/drinking out of the wrong bowls. Great. Yani, your cat is going to be retarded when you get home because she keeps eating out of Sappho's bowl knowing damn well that's not good for her. *sounds of something falling over*


What now? *bangs head on wall*

Good news: Nao will be working with me at the market now...Wait...is that REALLY good news? She'll wind up as psycho as I am. Ah well, can't be helped.

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*thinking again* [September 11, 2005 @ 15:59]

A friend of mine lost a relative yesterday. I found out about it while getting ready to sign off from AIM. We were talking and then he left for a moment, came back, and told me that he couldn't talk anymore because his cousin had just died.

it took me back to last year in a similar situation. I was in this very computer lab. It was near the beginning of the semester. I was bogged down for more than one reason. My cousin IMs me to inform me that another cousin had died. The differences? his cousin was an adult that he had had time to grow with. My cousin was a 4 month old infant I had only met once. Still, I felt his pain like a punch in the gut.

A year has passed since Mikey's death. His mother is pregnant again. I worry about her because I feel that she's not entirely over Mickey's death.

All I can do is pray.
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Yeah....you know you don't wanna do that. [September 09, 2005 @ 02:06]
[ mood | angry ]

Hey, long time no see you guys; what's up?

Yes, I went to Japan and had lots of fun, traveling around all by myself and got sun burn so bad (lol)

Yeah...you know...you don't wanna piss me off.
Of course you can, but..you'd better know concequences.

I am not nice little Japanese girl you all like and there is no plan that someday I would be.

I love feeling so evil.


All right, talk to you guys later.
I think I will try little bit more to write down here so all of you who can read English can read something going on in my life.
To tell you something, Organic chemistry sucks.
It is eating my life and eating my brain off.

PS. Hey, good job for layout Yani!

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